April 18th, 2019

Vermeer Girl

Dept. of Original Housing

Yes, LJ, There's Still Some Love in My Heart for You

My current online home is Dreamwidth, but I can't forget that this was where I discovered or enlarged on fannish loves, remembered that I could write fiction, and found a creative outlet. Oh, and discovered new friends, who are more precious to me than those other things. Thanks, LJ!

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Stewart facepalm

Dept. of Fandom Stocking

Well, This Was A Bit Embarrassing ....

When I was having fun with 
[community profile] fandom_stocking  this year (or actually, last year), I decided to give one person, who'd indicated an interest in historical recipes, some that were excerpted from two recipe books I happen to own. Because it was for Fandom Stocking, I decided - without looking at AO3's terms of service, more fool I - that I could put it on Archive of Our Own, because the effort was for a fannish event. 

The nice folks over at AO3 let me know today that it was a violation of their terms of service, and that I had a week to take it down. I'm embarrassed, because they're quite right (Section H clearly states that recipes are a no-no), and sad that I now have a formal warning on my AO3 account. Hopefully, that will eventually be taken out. 

So I've put the recipes here, and will let the person for who I posted them know that they can access them here or on LJ. And perhaps other folks can enjoy the recipes as well. And I've learned something out of the whole thing, so there's that.

Anyhow - enjoy!

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