August 26th, 2019

Jaunty Twelve

Dept. of Monday

The Dangers of Feeling Good About Monday

Well, at least the dangers of feeling good about a reasonably productive Monday, that being the risk of falling into despair when Tuesday is nothing but online solitaire or something of that sort. I suppose that having a productive Tuesday is the best route to take but oh, how that can be difficult. 

I'm getting to know my new computer, whose name I've altered slightly to Le Nouveau Lad, since a) a DC fan made gentle remonstrance (or at least wondered if the original sobriquet might portend a character with too much interest in surveillance) and b) I think it's probably better to gift my new kid with a name free of commercial hindrances. 

Maybe I should just call him Larry. Or Leonard. Or Louis. Things to ponder ....

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