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September 9th, 2019

Dept. of Surrealpolitik

To My UK Friends

I've been watching a livestream of Parliamentary activities today.

I come out of it with a few thoughts.
A) John Bercow makes for mesmerizing viewing; can anyone else make the word "Order" so hypnotically elongated? And he knows what he's talking about. I love people like that.
B) In my relatively long life, I've learned to hear the difference between people who speak because they have something to say (even if they bloviate just the slightest) and those whose only real reason for speaking is that they are in love with the sound of their own voice, and are certain, despite much information to the contrary, that everyone else loves it as well. And I know into which category your Prime Minister falls.
C) Black Rod. Kewl. That is all.
D) I'm so sorry that the rats (and I apologize to rats,because they are actually quite reasonable and intelligent creatures) nibbling little by little at the hem of your democracy have so successfully chewed much of it to bloody ribbons. May you recover soon.

Meanwhile, Over Here (And Speaking of Rats) ...

... I bring up, for your consideration, this 47-or-45-year-old 
 (published in 1972 or 74, not sure) National Lampoon cartoon by the gifted MK Brown as a commentary, both horrible and terrible, on matters in the U.S. As I said to BB over dinner, "We're living in the time of the Candidate and the Rat, aren't we?" He sadly nodded his head.

Under cut and viewable - thanks, BB!Collapse )
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