January 1st, 2020

Impish Bill and Twelve

DW/MCU Fic: Favor for a Friend

Title: Favor for a Friend
[personal profile] kaffyr 
Fandom: Doctor Who/Marvel Cinematic Universe
Characters: Twelfth Doctor, Natasha Romanov, Bill Potts
Words: 3,840
Summary: The blandly bureaucratic alphabet soup acronyms attached to the hulking St. Petersburg building didn't disguise its ominous history. Natasha Romanov knew that intimately. Perhaps that's why the Doctor turned to the Black Widow to rescue a friend caught in its depths.
Author's Note: Not only is this a delayed 
[community profile] fandom_stocking  2018 gift for [personal profile] trobadora  (who shares my fannish attachment to the Twelfth Doctor, and the Marvel Cinematic Universe's Natasha Romanov) I forgot to post it here, after posting it on AO3 last April. Lawsey. Anyhow, for those who pay attention, this isn't their first meeting; that took place during "Encounter at the Rembrandt Hotel."
NOTE: For those among my readers who live or have lived in or near St. Petersburg, I hope my use of the original Bolshoy Dom, and its history, as a building block of the story does not come off as thoughtless or flip. It felt very possible that the Russian government, in a world where most governments think of the TARDIS and her Doctor as potential tools, might seek a way to capture her. It also felt right that Natasha, as a survivor of The Red Room program, who want to rescue someone from that building.
Edited by: My Best Beloved, who I thank for catching a couple of really bad mistakes before they could embarrass me.
Disclaimer: I own nothing in the Whoniverse or the Marvel Cinematic Universe. All characters belong to the BBC, Marvel and Marvel Studios, Paramount Studios, ABC, and their respective creators. I intend no copyright infringement and take no coin.
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