January 7th, 2020

Something unimportant

Dept. of Fandom Snowflake

Snowflake Challenge #2 - How Came You to Fandom, Old One?

The second challenge: "In your own space, talk about your fannish history."

Huh - well, I looked at my welcome post for the first challenge, and realized that much of my fannish history was there. (Here: take a look at what I wrote for my #1 challenge/welcome.) That's in large part because I can't talk about my life without talking about fandom. It goes well beyond merely saying that I like this book, that television show, this or that genre. 

But I was inspired by [personal profile] melagan, who in one sentence really said it all - "I make no bones about it. I love fandom. It's like this big balloon of love that just keeps getting bigger."  It brought into very clear focus why fandom is so central to my life. It's love. It's family. It gives to and (I hope) receives from me.

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So that's fandom for me. And now I'll shut up.

* Oh, and the acronym on the cut? It's from general old SFF/skiffy fandom. Fandom Is A Way Of Life. Isn't it just?

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