April 18th, 2020

Train view

Dept. of Saturday and Sunshine

Weekend Meanderings

It's Saturday, and I should be doing all sorts of things, including union-related stuff. I'll get it done tomorrow, I promise. Right now, however, I'm happily listening to Louis Armstrong, waiting for supper, which BB is preparing, and I'm slowly (oh, so slowly, sentence by painful sentence) working on my crossoverpaloozza fic. I've finally figured out what's happening and why, and how it should end. Getting there ... ah, that's the challenge. I've got five fandoms to juggle and it's interesting. Fun interesting, but it makes it slow going. 

My hair is becoming almost unmanageable, with stickey-outey bits around my ears, and the nape of my neck a complete mess. I gave a nanosecond's thought to trying to do something about it myself, since it's likely I won't be able to get to my barber for at least another month (and I hope she's still in business by the time nonessential businesses are allowed to open here in Illinois). But I quickly jettisoned that idea, aided in part by Bob's look of alarm. Also by my brother's self-haircut results. His head is now completely shaven, since he did the classic "oh, a little more on this side, to even things - oops" thing. My classic good looks would not be improved by billiard ball head couture. 

BB and I donned our masks and headed out for a brief, but much needed, walk around the neighborhood. I figure about 40 percent of the folks we passed at a proper distance were masked. The other 60 percent ... oy .... Still, it was good to get out and enjoy the sunshine, even if the wind rendered it a little bracing. I'm very glad that we have a box of masks: we've had them for at least 20 years, I kid you not. I can't even remember why we had them. But they're coming in very helpful now. We just have to try to make them last as long as possible, because I'm sure we won't have easy access to more when they're gone.

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That's pretty much all I can think of to say right now. I hope all of you are staying safe. 
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