February 18th, 2021

Family - Athena Helo Hera

Dept. of Family Additions

I'll Have A Grandson

Andy and Emily called us last night, after her second trimester ultrasound, and it showed them, that they're going to have a son, or as my particularly praiseworthy son said, a baby who's going to be assigned male at birth. He and Emily are also praiseworthy in my book because he said his first concern now is that as a parent, he raise his kid to be feminist, an ally, and not a misogynist jerk.

They haven't chosen a name yet, although there are several front-runners. I told them they have lots of time for that.

I'm glad that they have the time to prepare for their offspring a little better in their own heads. On a purely selfish note, I'm glad I have time, too. Perhaps, if they ever decide to have another kid, I'll be able to spoil a granddaughter. For now, I'm looking forward to another Berlien Boy, who I'm confident is going to be an awesome human being because of his parents.

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