February 22nd, 2021

House of the Spirits

Dept. of Mondays

Bridgerton LOLs and More

On the last Monday of February, I should probably try to catch up. Bob's been under the weather; not ill, just under the weather, and his mood is fairly good, which is excellent, but it's been rather front and center over the last few days. This morning, however, I got up and decided to make the day work for me. 

First - well, it's not productive, but it was odd fun to binge watch "Bridgerton" on Netflix over the weekend. I did it because images from it had been  floating around on the web, including a YouTube video from a costume specialist who said the show's putatively Regency Era costumes were apparently horribly and anachronistically un-Regency, but still worked. Reader, I was intrigued. In addition, it had the old fanfic trope of "pretending to be in love For Reasons, and then really falling in love." That amused me as well, despite not being a romance reader, either of original romance fiction or similarly themed fanfic. 

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