kaffyr (kaffyr) wrote,

Dept. of Welcome to the Working Week

Vacations Are Too Short


     .... but then we knew that, didn't we?
     It's back to work forkaffyr, and I'm going to try to put in a productive Monday. You in the back row, stop snickering.
     Productive means getting a feature written, checking with the boss to see what needs doing, and catching up on some work related things I promised myself to check on. Yes, I know you're enthralled ... and there's so much more!
     Well, not that much more. Saw "Closing Time" last night, so I suppose I'll eventually post about it. Thought it was a bit rubbish, save for Matt's fantastic work and some admittedly funny bits between the Doctor and his "partner," but BB, who liked it, convinced me not to dismiss it entirely. (Notice how I avoided spoilers there? I'm so proud of me.)
     Also, I still need to get some unfinished vacation self-appointed chores done, although that may not happen today. Why, with seven vacation days in which to complete them, do I usually manage to leave some vacation tasks incomplete?
     Ah, well. My first day back doesn't end until sometime post 9 p.m., so I'm going to take the time for a hot shower, and then kick it into high gear.
     Didn't I tell you to stop snickering?
     I mean it.

Tags: life in the circus, reporting, work, writing

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