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Dept. of Big Old Birthday Post

The Massively Spectacular October Birthday Wishes Post

Birthdays come and go - and lately I've been ignoring them. That's a shame, because wishing folks Happy Birthday is a lovely and civilized acknowledgment of one of life's milestones, and it gives one a chance to tell the birthday-being how much you appreciate them.

Since we are now clinging to the frayed hem of October, I am going back into my files and checking to see who on my f'list was born in the black and orange month. I'm wishing all of you a fantastic year, since I've already missed what I hope was your fantastic day. Here goes, and to anyone I may have missed, my apologies, and a very Happy Birthday to you as well, whether belated or on time:

  • To promethia_tenk (Oct. 1), whose many deep and glittering thoughts about Season 6 of New Who have impressed me, and helped me formulate my own understanding of, and love for, Moffat's Doctor, River, Amy and Rory. You're exactly the type of person I'm so blessed to meet via Teh Intarwebz. Happy 2011-12 to you!
  • To rm (Oct. 4), whose thoughts on Torchwood, Jack, writing, gender, society, work, self-creation, city life, and the search for well-tailored clothing have impressed, charmed and challenged me since I first started reading them. May this year provide you creative joy, love, intellectual challenges, and friendship..
  • To rmjwell (Oct. 4), snappy shutterbug with an eye for composition and pulchritudinous glory,  a heart of gold, a mind like a steel trap and - as of very recently - no time to sleep. Happy dad-dom, my friend; we miss you here in Chicago, and I'm so glad Live Journal helps keep us in touch with you!
  • To supergee (Oct. 6), someone who, as I said only recently, "I hold in rather more awe than I hold other people," in large part because of his friendly but unsparing view of almost everything, and his ability to do it elegantly in print. That, and the fact that I believe he may have been the first person of my acquaintance  to mention Live Journal and to make use of it. He also does a mean 'zine. May 2011-12 be excellent for you.
  • To heatherbelles (Oct 6), one of my earliest DW online friends, a stalwart founding member of TWoP's LINDA, a wearer of awesome shoes, a dedicated museum professional, and someone with a sly sense of humor. I'm glad I started dropping back into LINDA, because it's given me a chance to catch up with you!
  • To rarelylynne (Oct. 8), who co-edits a mean Hugo-winning anthology, curates rare books and special collections at a university library (which completely fills me with awe), and shares her love of Doctor Who with her husband and daughter. My hat is off to her energy, fannish and otherwise - may your coming year be full of good things, and notably empty of non-good things.
  • To lady_dree (Oct. 8), a fellow Christopher Eccleston fan (and also a fan of zombies) ... many happy returns of the coming year!
  • To carbonel (Oct. 11), who was one of the first Minneapolitan fen it was my pleasure to meet back in the early 1980s, and who I was delighted to meet again this spring at Wiscon. It also wonderful to discover then that she is a fellow fan of fanfic. I hope the coming year is all you want it to be.
  • To brithistorian (Oct. 15), whose tales of family life, pending home-ownership and love of fandom all resonate with me. He's intelligent, patient and funny, and he is another of those people who make me certain that fandom is exactly where I want to be. Happy 2011-12 to you!
  • To galacticvoyeur (Oct. 18), whose birthday month also coincided with a well-deserved retirement. May this year be just as full of rest, relaxation and new challenges as you want it to be!
  • To aibhinn (Oct. 19), one of the first DW fanfic writers I ever read, and who has always continued to impress me. Plus, she teaches mathematics to teenagers, which impresses me even more because teaching is, as far as I'm concerned, one of the noblest professions ever. I hope your year is everything you want it to be!
  • To elisi (Oct. 22), who writes some of the most multi-layered, careful, thoughtful, lyrical and loving metas about Moffat's Who that it has been my pleasure to read. She shares my love of River Song, but expresses it much better than I can, and she is another of the people who have helped me crystallize what I love about S5 and S6 of New Who. She has been a joy to read, and to interact with, and I hope the coming year brings more of the same - Happy 2011-12 to you!
  • To redscharlach (Oct. 23), artist, icon-maker extraordinaire, and person of rare wit. Many happy, albeit slightly delayed, returns of the day!
  • To cosmiccoz (Oct. 24), who, although she hasn't been around LJ much this year, is often in my thoughts. I hope your birthday was happy, and that the coming year will be a good one for you.
  • To yamx (Oct. 26), whose stories are among my favorites in the Whoniverse because they are written with passion, style and joy (not to mention she's a fellow OT3 fan.) She's also a pleasure to read in general, and knowing she's here on LJ makes me smile. Happy (I almost got it on the right day) Birthday!
  • To viomisehunt (Oct. 31), who is the first and only person on the list to receive a Happy Birthday in time for the actual birthday - hurrah! It has been my pleasure to get to know her this year; she's a fellow DW fan and fine fanfic writer, a gardener, someone with whom I can share family joys and vicissitudes - and she has introduced me to so much about history that I didn't know. Many happy returns of your day, and may the year be wonderful for you.
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