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Dept. of Holiday Fun

Fandom Stocking ... Dooooo iiiit!

No, really! A bunch of folks on my f'list have already "hung up stockings" over at the fandom_stocking community, and I'm urging more folks to do so, because I believe I'm getting the urge to do some stuffing of stockings. Ahem. The nice thing about this community is that you don't have to hang a stocking to drop goodies in others' stockings and conversely, you can hang a stocking without being pressured to stuff anyone else's. It's pure fun, she coaxed, lured, inveigled and importuned.

No matter what books, movies, television shows or what-have-you might be your cup of tea, you're guaranteed to have a good time if you get involved in this. No, really. I did this last year, and it was one of the highlights of my holiday season.

I've also hung my own stocking
here, but — and this is, oddly, the truth for me this year — it's not the getting of fannish stuff, but the giving of it.

You can be as secular as Richard Dawkins, as faith-oriented as My Sainted Mother, or as cheerfully, skeptically, deeply certain there's something out there ... maybe ... as Yours Truly — it doesn't matter. This is the darkest time of the year, and something in human hearts and souls needs light and joy. I consider
fandom_stocking one of the many wonderful little candles out there to light and warm the long winter night.*

* Well, if you're in the southern hemisphere, your long dark nights come in June, but the need is the same. Perhaps we should send friends on the south side some stocking stuffers then, too ... ponders ... oh, now, I've just gone and confused myself.
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