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Life Has Been (Mostly) Good

I have had quite a remarkable few days and they have, for the most part, been pleasant.

Quick unpleasantness out of the way first: the skin on my face appears to be giving me problems which I hope to not have to do with the scleroderma. BB noticed a small patchy spot on my right cheek about three days ago; it looks like nothing so much as an enlarged version of the pityriasis rosea that I suffered once or twice decades ago. While keeping an eye on that, I noticed areas of red and roughened skin around my mouth, and — this may be too much information — an increase in the inability to close my mouth enough to keep from having moisture constantly at its corners.

All of these symptoms, with the unfortunate exception of the last one,may simply be due to dry winter weather. However  that seems rather unlikely, given the warm temperatures and our relatively successful efforts at maintaining humidity in the house. If the patch on my cheek doesn't fade in the next day or so, I will call my doctor go to see her and find out what the fuck it is. I am so tired of this /end rant.

On to the nicer things.

In the "don't these things happen to other people, and not me or mine" department, First Born is going to London, England, two weekends from now, to see the premiere of Daniel Radcliffe's new movie — his lady love won first prize in a Facebook contest! I don't believe I have ever met anyone who has won something like that. He is still somewhat croggled, as am I and his father. Still, despite my envy, I am tickled for him. He is becoming quite the traveler; next weekend he travels to Portland Oregon, to visit some of the girlfriend's family. The next weekend? Is London, making him the first person in my family, for at least the past three generations, to use his passport twice in one year on trans Atlantic journeys.

I have told him to take lots of pictures. And I have a question and request for those of my Dreamwidth and LJ friends; are any of you in the London area, and if you are, would you be interested in meeting my handsome, brilliant, charming, funny son and his very charming lady love, and possibly spending part of an evening with them? I may have forgotten to say that he is a lifelong geek, skiffy fan, and — and this is very important — almost as rabid a Dr. Who fan as I am. Actually, he's as much a fan as I am; we love to sit and watch and squee together.

If you are interested, send me a PM, and I'll get you more information. Thanks!

And finally, I have had three wonderful evenings with BB, as he decided he wanted to re-watch all of S06. It's not something I might have expected of him, but gift horse, mouth, you get the idea. We just finished watching "A Good Man Goes to War" last night, after having watched the first two Thursday night, the second two Friday night, and the last three in a marathon last night.

It's been wonderful. I have a much better feel for the overall story arc; it's much clearer to me now, and makes much more sense. I also like a couple of the episodes much better than I did when I first saw them, specifically "The Rebel Flesh" and "The Almost People." More on that in a separate post, perhaps.

By the way, this entire post was created by voice command, BB installed Dragon NaturallySpeaking on my laptop and I have been getting used to it — and it to me — for the last two days. It's about a gazillion times better than the Microsoft word recognition program, which means I am much more likely to use it. In this case I created the post in WordPad and cut and pasted it to post here. Perhaps as I become more proficient, I will actually employ the program directly. I already know that it does work in the browser.
That's quite enough babble or one post. (Which is why I put the bulk of it under a cut.)

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