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Sun and Sedentary Pleasures

I got up today, and didn't get out of my jammies until First Born came to visit around 2 p.m. And I didn't really feel guilty; the sun was shining through the south windows, the cats were generally happy, and the only fly in the ointment was BB having to deal with a low level cold. My mother called and we had a lovely chat, my brother later called and we had a brief chat as well. In between, BB, FB and I caught up with each other.

(The poor lamb is dead tired; ever since returning from London, he's been involved in a play where the director has, for reasons known only to god and the devil, decided on a seven-day-a-week rehearsal schedule. So it's been up at 6, work until 6, go directly to rehearsal, get home at 11 and to sleep at midnight, wash, rinse, repeat. On paper, it doesn't sound too bad for a month and a half. In reality, he's got bags under his eyes and he looks exhausted. But the play starts Thursday, so there's an end to it - although he promptly signed up to do a teeny-tiny bit with Red Moon Theater as a one-off. It's good to see him reviving his theater work, but ... health, my son, health!)

And of course, all the while, I sat here at the 'puter and perused the world beyond the screen, which always makes me happy. Now, if I could just get back on the fic horse. The beast is here, and in the corral, and happy to see me. I believe it's even saddled. I just have to get the step-stool and clamber on.

While I'm rambling about next to nothing ... you may be breathless with excitement to learn that BB and I watched Cowboys and Aliens last night. It was great and good fun, totally illogical, and, as BB pointed out, very Spielbergian, despite being Jon Favreau's baby.
  • Kid? Check.
  • Dog? Check.
  • Kid and dog in danger? Check.
  • Enigmatically good preacher? Oh, definitely, check. (Clancy! Brown!)
  • Bad guy turned hero for no reason than because the script says so and the actor's good enough to pull it off? Check.
  • Rotten secondary main character (Ford's wonderfully scenery chewing Colonel Dolarhyde) who is turned into a relative cream puff by coming into close proximity to aforementioned kid? Check.
  • Completely unworkable and illogical aliens, both good and bad? Check, and check.
  • Merciless, theivin', smelly, sneaky, cowardly, murderous outlaws and snivelling brat of a bully (Dolarhyde's son, Percy) turned into better people by the end of the movie, courtesy of fightin' said eeeevil aliens along side native Americans right out of central casting, all singing and drinking together in Doc's (yes, Doc's. Oh, the cliches, and oh, how I loved them)? Check, and again, check.
So, yeah, what a completely sugary piece of forgettability. But it made me smile. Perhaps in part because Daniel Craig was wonderful eye-candy His eyes. They're so ... blue. He holds himself with a stillness that stays with you, even in a piece of ephemera like this.

And finally we come to the birthday wishes:

To jessalrynn, (25th Feb.) many happy returns of the day. May all the rough spots be smoothed out, may the vicissitudes of money and muse and family and life in general transform themselves into good things for you in the coming year!

To maruad, (25th Feb.), may the coming year be artistically fertile and may we continue to enjoy your often wise and witty comments here online. You are always a pleasure!

And finally, to [personal profile] rosa_acicularis , (26th Feb.) Happy Birthday tomorrow, to someone I always love to read, whether it's fic or commentary.

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