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Dept. of Victory is Mine!

I Can Haz Proper Cutz Nao!!

Yes I can! I am the proud fixer of the stupid LJ "scissors icon" cut denoter on my journal. I know that sounds rather silly, since I was directed to the fix by other people (thanks [personal profile] sallymn  and[personal profile] ljgeoff , for pointing me in the right direction), but here's the thing. Although the patch was already and ready to paste into the space awaiting it in the CSS coding area , and I knew I could use it, because my journal is in the right LJ style, I needed to find the right code for my journal's background color, because I don't have a plain white background.

And no one had said where I could find that.

Well. Did I let that dissuade me? Not at all. I figured out where to go to look for the coding, figured out (sort of) what the hell "layers" and "children" were, then clicked through to where I figured the color codes were. I couldn't find anything that looked like my shades of green, despite knowing I was in the right place. And then I thought it through some more, and realized I'd been looking at the proper code as I sat there. I tried it out, and - yay! - it worked.

So, even though I'm sure I've used the wrong terms to explain what I did, and even though I still retain my membership in the Sub-Luddite Club, I erased the damned scissors, and I am proud. Excuse me, while I shake my head at myself. Heh.

And speaking of shaking one's head at oneself, I've had a couple of weird dreams lately.
The first was one in which I was talking to Alex Kingston, in her role as whoever she's playing in the revived Upstairs, Downstairs, only it sidled off in a bit of a different direction, as dreams will, and it got a bit Downton Abbey-ish.  There was something about a baby, too, but I'm not too sure about the rest of it, except that I was in an intense conversation with Alex about the baby.

And last night, I dreamed I was on the Titanic - or in a movie about the Titanic, and I can only assume that I dreamed this because of all the foofaraw surrounding the 100th anniversary of her sinking, but it's really all the same in a dream - and I knew what was going to happen, but was rather dispassionate about it, although that may have been because I was ferrying a group of passengers to safety with their opera hall gowns and their sweetly-clueless "Where are you taking us" innocence. Oh, and David Tennant was portraying a completely clueless Titanic officer. He was supposed to be the comic relief, apparently. He was carrying around a kitten, trying to save it. At the very end, he realized that, if there was a kitten, there had to be a kitten's mother, so he went off to find the mother. He found her, and another kitten, who ran away, but I remember thinking that at least he'd saved two out of three.

Good lord. I preferred the intense baby discussion with Alex. Or perhaps it was River masquerading as Alex?

And in other news, I took a break from making curry paste and cuisine inspired by places east of Cairo, and also from the quite wonderful tomatillo and eggplant and onion and hot Thai garlic sauce dip I made yesterday. I made old-fashioned meat and tomato sauce for spaghetti, almost completely from scratch. (Trying to find a recipe for spaghetti sauce that uses fresh tomatoes was hard enough. I couldn't find one that didn't use tomato paste. Now I'll have to figure out how to make tomato paste from scratch. Damn this new found compulsion to make things from scratch!)

No I didn't get much more written on "Hearts and Moons," why do you ask?

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