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Question for My Fellow Fic Writers

A quick question (or questions, these things always proliferate), in the middle of a crazed day, but one that's been bubbling in my brain ever since I started dipping into fic as a reader and a writer.

I've noted that a large number of writers use present tense when they write. I have read, and nearly always enjoyed, their stories. That's probably largely because I'm blessed to be reading in fandoms with high quality writers - or at least, I'm reading fic from my fandom on sites that carry and encourage good writing. (No I don't read on ffnet, why do you ask?)

However I don't, with rare exceptions, write in the present tense myself. More, it's not what I would consider the "go-to" tense when telling stories. Perhaps that's my background as a reporter, perhaps not.

So ....

If you're a fic writer:
  1. Do you tend to, or do you prefer to, write in present tense?
  2. Do you do so largely because other writers in your fandom do so?
  3. Do you choose it deliberately for stylistic reasons? If so, why, and what are some of those reasons?
If you're a reader:
  1. Do you tend to, or do you prefer to, read stories written in the present tense?
  2. What are your reasons?
And for everyone: 
  1. Why do you think present tense appears to be a popular, preferred stylistic choice for fic when it is, arguably, a rare stylistic choice in non-fannish fiction writing?

I probably should have put this into some sort of graph form, and I may still do that, but I wanted to get the questions out there. (I may end up cross posting this to comms where the question might be Relevant To Peoples' Interest; again, that may have to wait until work craziness subsides.)

Thanks for your input, folks! (Or perhaps I should say, thanks for humoring the crazy lady ....)

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Tags: dr. who, fandom, fanfic, meanderings, writing
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