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Poll: Matt Smith or David Tennant

I think that Mr. Tennant is a fine actor, and apparently a really nice man; I think he made a fine and enthusiastic Doctor as well and I wish him the best in his future professional and personal life (and he did a damned fine Hamlet, and I really like his work with Catherine.)

But Matt ... now Matt is hard for me to take my eyes off. He caught my eye in the two Ruby in the Smoke adaptations. And as the Doctor, he's old, and young, and elastic, and unbending, amiable and very, very dangerous, a fool and a wizard.

And somehow I think that's worth voting for. So if you are of a mind to, perhaps you might want to visit over here?* There are also some other fun votes to be played with.

(Yes, yes. I know it's shallow and silly. It's been a long day. Humor me. Or, since this is British, humour me. And I promise I'll get back to comment on my previous post soon.)


(Hmm. It looks as if you'll have to copy and paste that entire URL, since the partial link sends you elsewhere.)

*And some difficult ones. Gaiman/Rickman, anyone?

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