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Silence is Golden. Sucks. Is Golden. Sucks. Oh, hell.
    Yeah, it's both. But for me, silence more often sucks. I really need music around me to be happy. Even when I'm at work, I like to have my CDs playing, and my headphones on, and the volume up to unhealthy levels. I haven't yet figured out whether it's good for my productivity, or bad, or whether the answer, once more, is "yes." Or, more properly, "it depends."
    Of course, there are times when I really need silence. Usually that's after being at a party (and generally a party where I'm not in control...no, scratch that, even when I'm at a party I'm throwing, perhaps particularly at one of those...OK, pretty much any party), where the noise has been a truckload of people talking. Also, I can't really abide having the television on unless I'm watching something. I do love having the radio on, or having a songlist on the computer. So it's probably most accurate to say that I need to have music more often than silence, and silence more often than colliding voices. Yeah, that'll do.
    I have occasionally wondered what I would choose, if presented with the hobson's choice of becoming blind or becoming deaf. (Yeah, I play those games, because real life outside my own head isn't twisted enough.) I generally come down on the side of being blind. That frightens me, don't get me wrong, but the idea of being without music would, I think, drive me mad.
    I mean, consider the fact that I'm sitting here with a headache of significant proportions, and I've still got the headphones on, and a ten-plus hour long music list turned up to Very Loud. I'd rather have the pain and the tunes, than no pain and no tunes.
    I suspect that this means I might lose when it comes to evolutionary poker, because my ideas of what conceptual items are necessary for a good life might actually be counter productive. That's OK; I'll just have to learn to cheat at evolutionary poker.


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Aug. 18th, 2007 12:39 am (UTC)
When I was a kid, the blind or deaf question occupied months of my piano practice time. I pretty much came down on choosing blindness, mostly because I had a better idea of how blind people got along in the world. Yes, not being able to hear -- music in particular -- seemed just too, too isolating and horrible.

I used to have music on pretty much all the time, especially when working. I fell out of that habit long before I moved, but it's become even more pronounced since. I like listening to the sounds around me -- the hummingbird at the feeder, the frogs (the frogs!), the breeze in the trees. Sometimes I set iTunes to "shuffle" on my desktop computer, but I need to rip a lot more CDs to be satisfied with the music selection there. I started checking out radio on the web, but didn't pursue it. It's curious, really.

The very, very best music is that made live in my home, with second best being live music in whatever home I'm visiting. That, and singing in the car when there's more than just me in it. I don't do that much, but it's a piece of my childhood that resonates with fun, love, joy, and security even after all these years.
Aug. 21st, 2007 05:32 am (UTC)
Singing in the car is tops in my book. Live music? It's been so long now since I listened to live music of the type that you're talking about. I grow old, I grow old...and I'm still too addicted to having very loud music in my ears and all around me. Live music isn't loud enough, or at least I lack the wherewithal to go to places where really loud music happens. And all the young folk there would look at me funny. Miserable kids. Get off my lawn...

You, my dear, have much more patience than I do when it comes to enjoying the quiet aural beauties of nature. Even in nature, I'm much happier with noise. Wind, and constant waves, and thunder and rushing rivers. And blue jays and crows. Punk and grunge nature in all its raucous glory!
Aug. 18th, 2007 07:31 am (UTC)
Oh, Mama. Another bit of evidence that we are somehow related--aside from the red hair and everything.

I don't do well with silence. Never have. I need noise--iPod, tv, conversation, something, during all hours of consciousness. I don't do well with the silences, cuz then I hear my brain screaming,a sound that is otherwise droned out by the noise.

How is it then, that I have always rathered being deaf than blind? Even before I could speak the language, living in a cocoon of dead silence, in the absence of sound, still seemed preferable to living in a cocoon of darkness.

I'm not afraid of the dark, as it happens. In fact, I quite like it--unless, apparently, it is the only option, the absence of sight.
Aug. 21st, 2007 05:59 am (UTC)
Sweetie, you're in love with color and light and all the things that sight brings us. Even if you were deaf, I imagine you'd remember music and have it there in your head. Perhaps the reverse is harder.
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