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Silence is Golden. Sucks. Is Golden. Sucks. Oh, hell.
    Yeah, it's both. But for me, silence more often sucks. I really need music around me to be happy. Even when I'm at work, I like to have my CDs playing, and my headphones on, and the volume up to unhealthy levels. I haven't yet figured out whether it's good for my productivity, or bad, or whether the answer, once more, is "yes." Or, more properly, "it depends."
    Of course, there are times when I really need silence. Usually that's after being at a party (and generally a party where I'm not in control...no, scratch that, even when I'm at a party I'm throwing, perhaps particularly at one of those...OK, pretty much any party), where the noise has been a truckload of people talking. Also, I can't really abide having the television on unless I'm watching something. I do love having the radio on, or having a songlist on the computer. So it's probably most accurate to say that I need to have music more often than silence, and silence more often than colliding voices. Yeah, that'll do.
    I have occasionally wondered what I would choose, if presented with the hobson's choice of becoming blind or becoming deaf. (Yeah, I play those games, because real life outside my own head isn't twisted enough.) I generally come down on the side of being blind. That frightens me, don't get me wrong, but the idea of being without music would, I think, drive me mad.
    I mean, consider the fact that I'm sitting here with a headache of significant proportions, and I've still got the headphones on, and a ten-plus hour long music list turned up to Very Loud. I'd rather have the pain and the tunes, than no pain and no tunes.
    I suspect that this means I might lose when it comes to evolutionary poker, because my ideas of what conceptual items are necessary for a good life might actually be counter productive. That's OK; I'll just have to learn to cheat at evolutionary poker.
Tags: meanderings, self-absorption

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