kaffyr (kaffyr) wrote,

Dept. of Battling Brain Drain

To The Excellent Personages of My Acquaintance

My Dearest Friends;

Although it distresses me to say this, I find myself in direct and immediate need of brains. Of native wit. Of, dare I say, active and dynamic intelligence. I have, I confess, none of my own right now. In fact I am, I heartily fear, transforming with frightening swiftness into a small kitchen appliance with no more will to meet the Turing test than a ... well, a small kitchen appliance. 

I would therefore be ever so grateful to those of my friends and acquaintances who might have pity on me and send me spare any spare neurons or axons they find lying about. Nay, I cast myself upon their thresholds — your threshold — suppliant and drooling slightly, begging of you that pity and kindness with which you all are replete.

Should you find it in your collected and several natures to respond to my plaint, I pledge a renewed effort to think in linear fashion, to produce and distill concepts ... why even, I might hope, to write up an assignment and tackle the to-do list.

In ending, I am, of course, yr obedient etc. etc.
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Tags: braaainz, silly
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