kaffyr (kaffyr) wrote,

Dept. of Saving Kittehz

To my cat-loving Chicago area f'list

It's public service announcement time!

My next door neighbor, who is a wonderful soul with a beautiful smile and a heart approximately the size of Wisconsin, rescues cats upon occasion, cares for them and then finds good homes for them where possible. Mostly recently, one of the cats she is caring for gave birth to kittens, requiring her to expand her "Got Kitties?" message circle.

Here's the message she sent out to her friends; I've redacted her phone number, but included a picture of one of the cuties involved. If you or anyone you know are interested in a) helping a wonderful woman and b) having one or two balls of bright-eyed sweetness in your life, PM me and I'll give you her phone number.

"Hello everyone; born the end of June, two kitten siblings, one B/W male (aka Napoleon) and a tiger striped female (aka Fluffy) are ready to bust, once again, out of the bathroom into a good home. They got a clean bill of health from Treehouse this past Thursday, are healthy (thankfully both FIV, FeLuk negative), are neutered and have gotten vaccinations and are ID chipped. I'm hoping to adopt them together."


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