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Dept. of Gah, Who-style.

Reason to roll eyes at fandom, part 1.6 billion

Wow. I just dropped by an old internet haunt of mine to see how folks there reacted to "The Angels Take Manhattan." Not sure I should have.

Holy crap are there ever a lot of Moffat, Amy and River haters there. I mean, I knew, sorta, that there were a number of people on the site who were less than impressed with Moffat, but I had no idea it was quite as purse-lippedly vitriolic as it seemed to be in the episode thread I checked.

Look, I wasn't certain about Moffat back when he took over. And sometimes I'm less than thrilled with the way he occasionally handles women, or his tendency to build stories out of gorgeous concepts, but without much more than quicksilver wit to bolster them. But you know? The man's sheer intelligence and creativity, and the love he has for the franchise - in fact, the general love he holds in his wee scheming, lying heart for the human race, especially children  - won me over long since. I figure I can critique the man's work and still appreciate its strengths and various brilliances.

Same thing for Uncle Rusty. He brought back Who for me, and gave me Nine and Rose and Jack, introduced Martha even if he didn't do her justice in my eyes, introduced Donna, who is frakkin' awesome and got shafted by said Uncle, gave us the Time War and expanded the Whoniverse incredibly. I'll always love him for those things and more, even if I'm not nearly as impressed with him now as I used to be. Which means that I can - you guessed it - critique the man's work and still appreciate its strengths and various brilliances.

Funny how that goes.

As for characters ... I can't think of any character in Nu or Old Who who I've disliked enough to spend a great deal of time and emotional energy savaging in public. Other people apparently think that's a great way to spend the day. I mean, it's one thing to say one isn't fond of a character, another thing to speak of that character in terms roughly equivalent to DIAF.

To be utterly truthful, my bewilderment may be because I think the only character in DW with whom I truly had problems was Ten, and that was, if I'm forced to confess, probably a reaction to his more rabid acolytes rather than Ten himself.  (And perhaps I found him less physically attractive than many other people did Ahem.) Still, when I separate those things out, I quite liked the way Tennant - by all accounts a lovely man and a very talented actor  - played him. So perhaps I can't really speak to the issue of hating a character.

But wow, you know? Just ... wow.

It's a pity. I liked that site, and had wandered over with the thought of commenting. Now I'm not at all certain I want to dip my toes in the water. Reading the commentary there left a bad taste in my mouth.


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