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First things first - birthdays! This is me, sending out heartfelt pending, present and past birthday wishes to friends and lovely acquaintances: to burlesque photographer extraordinaire and new dad [personal profile] rmjwell  (Oct. 3); to careful and creative thinker and writer [personal profile] rm  (Oct. 4) even if she's largely absent from dw/lj land these days; to the wonderful, quotable, omnivorous reader [personal profile] supergee  (Oct. 5), a most excellent coyote; to one of my oldest LINDA friends and new homeowner heatherbelles (today, hurrah!); and to gracious host, remarkable mom, and award-winning editor [personal profile] rarelylynne  (Oct. 8). May the coming year be wonderful for all of you!


I had something happen to me this week that rarely happens, for which I am glad. Actually, it happened to both me and BB, and it was as unpleasant for him as for me - perhaps more.

On Wednesday w went out for dinner with an artist we met through my brother. She was down from Canada, looking at condos, with an eye to coming to live here (she decided to do so based on one casual sentence we uttered during the first 15 minutes we ever knew her, but that's a different weird story).

We've spoken several times over the phone since May, because we rather liked liked her, did so r, despite realizing pretty quickly that she was flakey.

However, during supper, I realized that I really didn't like the fact she kept saying one of the reasons she wanted to move was because she hates Canadians. And I realized that she'd said that sort of thing a lot, and that she had a habit of not forgiving people when they didn't do certain things for her. Still, she's very charming in other ways ...

... and then during the conversation, she made a comment about the Holocaust that involved one of those awful equivalency statements; you know, "Of course it was a terrible thing, but - "

You don't have to know what followed the "but". IYou've undoubtedly read such sentences yourselves. But I don't think I'd ever actually run into someone who said it in my presence.  I responded relatively politely but said I had to tell her about the many Holocaust survivors I've interviewed and that the Holocaust was a button issue for me. She appeared to step back from her comments, and the conversation went on, but we finished up quickly, dropped her off at her hotel, and didn't respond to phone calls from her afterward.

BB said, when he got home, that he had to leave the table briefly because he thought he was going to throw up. And he said "I don't think I like her very much." You have to understand that for him to say that takes a great deal of antipathy in a man who is willing to like everyone given half a chance. And it was a shock to us, because we had been so willing to like her. In fact, we thought we did like her.

It left a tremendously bad taste in my mouth. In fact, although we had leftovers at the table, we didn't even ask for them to be packed up. Again, that seems like a small thing, but it seemed to me later that it was because we wanted to bring nothing of that supper date back to our home. I don't even know if she realized how put off we were (because we remained very polite and conversational afterward); sadly, what's worse is that I wonder if she'd understand why we felt that way.


On the other hand, one thing we got out of her visit was discovering just how wonderful the Margarita European Inn in Evanston is. It's remarkably inexpensive, and it's gorgeous. It used to be a place for young business women of good character to live, and it still has that feel, with a lovely little library, and a restaurant that's open only sometimes, and a tiny three-person elevator that has one of those door gates you pull across. If BB and I ever have an extra $300-$400 for an anniversary (ah, I amuse myself), I'd love to spend two nights at that place. So if you are ever in this area, try it out!


I have two things to recommend.

One's an Ian Hunter song called "When I'm President." It's apropos of nothing, except that the final verse says what I've always largely believed; few politicians actually start off being assholes or hypocrites. A surprising number, even if you don't agree with their philosophies, actually get into politics because they want to serve.  It's those details that get so devilish ....  (Who's Ian Hunter, you ask? If you're old, like me, you'll remember him from Mott the Hoople. If you're lucky, like I was, you'll have heard interviews with him, in which you'll have discovered, as I did, that he's really bright, ascerbic, politically engaged, and funny.)

The second's this remarkable short fic, "The Still Voice Within"  from cardiogod. It's brief, brilliant, stunningly original and the kind of story I wish I'd thought to write, and had the chops to pull off. Some of you have already read it. More people should, as long as you've seen "The Angels Take Manhattan".


I got a spate of bad union-related news over the past couple of days - and then, I got an email from one of my union negotiating team buddies that took a load off my mind, and my shoulders, and made me feel so much better. It's wonderful to get that kind of emotional support. Good things should be celebrated, so I thought I'd mention it.


FB found an apartment, and signs the lease on Monday! It's a studio, with, apparently, no view (which worries me in terms of his poor kitties. BB thinks we'll end up with his cats, at least for  a while, but I digress), but he believes he can afford it, and he's so relieved to be getting out of here. We're relieved, too. Which is a shining, glittering understatement. We can get back to being empty nesters, and enjoying occasional visits from our son. Hurrah! He's hoping to move in there on Oct. 19, the day before his birthday. (With no help from us, we're all hoping. We're too old for that shit.)


Also,  I took a header and fell hard on my knee and wrist on the sidewalk today. Bunged up knee and wrist, and it's amazing how much it put me into (very minor) shock. I've been a little spacey ever since. And I desperately want ice cream, but since we splurged last night and brought home waaaay too much Hecky's rib tips, greens, hot links and other artery-blocking yumminess, I'm going to avoid ice cream.

And I desperately miss Rory and Amy. Almost more than I miss the Doctor. Almost. Is it Christmas yet?

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