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Dept. of - you guessed it - Birthdays

Mostly Current Nataldalias

Happy birthday,  [personal profile] brithistorian , even though it's just gone by; may you have a year of unalloyed joy, which is what you deserve. I'm glad teh Intarwebz have allowed me the pleasure of your company.

Happy (pending)  birthday to [personal profile] owlboy , who loves River Song as much as I do; whose posts and comments brighten my day, keep me on my toes and force me to think outside my cranky old-broad box; who is, in short, just a tiny bit of a treasure. May your coming year be full of everything you need and want!

Happy (pending) birthday togalacticvoyeur, too; best wishes to one of the most capable people I've had the pleasure of knowing (and a damned fine drummer.)

And happy (pending) birthday to [personal profile] aibhinn , a wonderful writer and fan; glad to see you around!

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