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Dept. of Ruminations

Post Election Considerations

Thanks in no small part to the vast and evil knowledge of [personal profile] james_davis_nicoll  and the kindly directional wisdom of [personal profile] autopope  that pointed me to this post over at Making Light, I've had the dubious pleasure of reading the extreme expressions of displeasure of those at the fruitbattier end of the "ZOMG Obama End Times AAAAAaaaaaiiiieee!!!!!!" spectrum. And because I like to a) spread the WTFness and b) I do, meanly, enjoy drinking their tears, I provide the links to you.

Many of you have undoubtedly already read some of this ... material; you needn't do so again. But it certainly was a learning experience for me.

Folks like this amaze me. While I think back to 2000 and realize that I saw - and felt - a great deal of anger at the outcome of that presidential election, I'm hard-pressed to think of this many progressives or even general Democrats who were so sure that Bush's re-election meant the end of all things. Gloriously, almost transcendentally, sure.

I use those qualifiers deliberately.

It seems to me that there's a qualitative difference between the reactions we saw after 2000 and those we're seeing now. The Donald and his tweets, Rove with his on camera panic (possibly because he realized at that moment that he'd squandered his masters' money), every commentator certain that ballots cast for Obama were proof of voter suppression rather than an actual outcome, all the wingnuts behind those links; they all give off the same vibes to greater or lesser degrees.

As I said over at James' journal, they all seem like kids secretly hoping for a war because it'll be exciting to be the heroes.

How else to explain their apocalyptically flavored terminology, their obsessive belief that some quasi-militaristic end time is Just Around the Corner (and has always been Just Around the Corner)? They imagine it with such happy attention to detail, this world they're spinning into existence inside their heads ... it  suggests some of them might be unhappy if  the scenario fails to materialize.

And they really think they're the underdogs, because Christians of the vaguely evangelical variety, many of them of northern European descent, have no power in our society, as we all know.

Childish pipe dreams of the most toxic sort. Yeah, it's scary after we stop laughing and indulging in schadenfreude. It's very, very sad.

On the other hand, I also want to pass along news of good things and I consider this campaign purely, positively, cheekily brilliant. The moment I read this was truly joyful. This idea almost makes using the phrase "thinking outside the box" worthwhile. For people who thought that the Occupy movement had faded away, this is a particularly lovely heads-up that it hasn't. Thanks to [personal profile] supergee  and, again, to Making Light.

And of course, there's this. If you haven't seen it by now, perhaps it will make you smile. Hell, even if you've seen it before, you might want to see it again. And I'd much rather react to my ideological opponents in this fashion than in the splenetic, grammatically challenged perorations you'll find courtesy of the first couple of links.

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