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Dept. of Wonderful People

Oh, wonderful fandom! Oh, wonderful [community profile] fandom_stocking !

This Christmas season (yes, it's a time of year when I believe in stories that are true even if they never happened, because we all fight our battles against the dark in the way we were raised) is normally extremely good for me.

This year, it was ... not. Not Christmas, certainly. No tree, no lights, no Christmas dinner to cook and present with love to those I love, something I missed despite having lovely dinners out with people I love. FB was gone, BB and I were still intermittently dealing with health and lack o'wealth, and this year I was engulfed in deadly serious battles at work and about work and on behalf of work, and all around I saw this old world being bloody and brutal and stupid and futile.

Goodness. As you can see, I stood in danger of getting all wrapped up in everything grey and second-year-university-sophomoric-certainty-of-doom.

What helped keep me going, despite initial certainty that I couldn't write anything, was [community profile] fandom_stocking , and the pure joy of writing for folks; of finding neat recipes for people and getting out of the RL part of my head for awhile, whilst diving into the kick-started creative annex in my head.

So thank you, everyone for whom I wrote, or to whom I gave a recipe; you made me feel better, every time I tucked something into one of your stockings. Woo-hoo!

But Wait! There's More!

Of course there is. The other half of [community profile] fandom_stocking  is getting wonderful things in one's own stocking. Because, let's face it, we're all kids at heart, hoping for something that tells us someone really likes us enough to present us with something wonderful and glittery, or soft and warm, or energizing and awesome.

(Beware. Here be too many exclamation points, and uses of the words wonderful, gorgeoous and lovely.)

And I got such wonderful things!

To start with, all the wonderful pictures of good wishes! Thank you juniperphoenix, for your blue-tinged candles and best wishes; thank you [personal profile] aquakitty1864  for the cheerful kitten in the Santa Hat!

Thank you, [personal profile] tarlanx  for the lovely graphic of Nathan - one of my favorites from Eureka - in all his sardonic and sartorially yummy glory!

To [personal profile] cookiegirl , many thanks for the kinetically cheerful picture of Peter and Neal - and the icons. I can haz White Collar icons thanks to you - filled with four of my favorite WC characters (and potential OT3/4s), too!

I got holiday wishes that made me feel good - simple good wishes can sometimes be as good as nutrition - from some anonymous well-wisher and from the good [personal profile] canaan , who always makes me smile. And [personal profile] yeomanrand  showed excellent taste as she proferred me Gaiman's New Year Wish. Thank you all!

And then there were the recs, for stories, fanvids, art - so very, very much fannish goodness; brilliant and funny and heartbreaking and glorious.

Thank you to [personal profile] lost_spook  for the wonderful Sapphire and Steel recs, and for her story, "The Rose Garden" which is so quietly, powerfully lovely and full of my newest OT3. Thank you so much for introducing me to a new fandom!

Thank you to [personal profile] fuzzyboo  for her drive-by fic rec "The Practice of Barrayaran Sex", which is absolutely brilliant Aral/Cordelia in the Vorkosiverse.

[personal profile] ghanimasun  provided me with fanvid recs for Farscape, Battlestar Galactica and Who, and all of them were far more than worth it.

Thank you [personal profile] redfiona99  for the art recs - filled with sweetness and quirky humor.

Thank you, [personal profile] sahiya  for the White Collar and Vorkosiverse/DW recs - I have had a blast with them (and the Somewhere Out of Time story was just top drawer!

Thank you so much to the lovely [personal profile] ladymercury_10  for a rich list of DW fic recs, all of them of stabbingly good quality!

And oh, the stories - to sheffsfic, a great big thank you for the Jack/Aral/Cordelia ficlet.

To the redoubtable [personal profile] yamx , thanks for another of her memorable historic Jack/Nine/Rose OT3 drabbles.

And to eve11 for her hearts-expandingly beautiful TARDIS haiku story - many, many thanks!

So There You Have It

all of you - all my gratitude for making this year's off-kilter holiday ever so much better with your creativity, kindness, invention and warmth!

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