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Dept. of March Madness, Fandom Style

Yes, I Gave In and Voted. 

You could too, you know. Over on LJ, fandom is having a bit of annual fun voting for its various favorite (or at least favored) characters at
f_march_madness. Although some of my favorites have long since bitten the dust, there are others still out there and going strong. And because I believe in silly fannish memes the great tradition of casting one's ballot and pimpin' promoting one's choices, here are mine. 

Because she's Martha; smart, brave, inventive, empathetic but willing to make tough decisions, loving, observant and eventually able to call the Doctor on his shit before leaving of her own accord. 

Because she's Parker; quirky, vulnerable, brave, thorough, constantly evolving and becoming a better person, plus being able to leap tall buildings in a single bound walk off a building with confidence and elan.

Because she's Kara Frakkin' Thrace; best pilot in the Fleet, full of love and fear and able to use both to lead people in the right direction.

Go over and take a look at some of the wonderful comments and gifs from fans of the characters who've made it to The Sweet Sixteen. Some of them are just brilliant, and it's largely a friendly sort of jostling this year. 

Even if you don't vote for my favorites, there might be someone else you'd like to vote for.

[personal profile] masakochan  pointed out that the posters link back to the 2011 finals. I don't know why, since I took them directly from this year's group of posters. It is a mystery. But go, vote for Parker; she's in a close race! 
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