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Update on a Down Day

My mum went back into hospital on Saturday, one day after they released her to go home.

My brother is almost overwhelmed with this, and is angry that he was not as intimately involved in the release plan as he had been assured he would be. It became clear within 24 hours that mum could not care for herself without help at home, help that my 87-year-old stepdad, as vigorous as he is, simply could not provide.

So it's back in, and I
can imagine what she's feeling. I can't talk to her, because she refuses to have a phone in her room, saying it's too expensive. Gah ... I talked twice with Mac on Saturday, once when he really was overwhelmed and once when he'd regained a bit of equilibrium. I told him that I would do all I could from here; I said I could call doctors, I could bug the hospital, that he didn't have to take it on alone. I talked to him again briefly on Sunday, but haven't heard from him today. As soon as I get a break in deadline and union stuff, I'll give him a call.
Just keep swimming, just keep swimming ....

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