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 So, In Summary ....
  • My cold is rich, bubbly, snotty and mucilaginous. Gah. And the knife-like cough has just gotten revved up. Yay. 

    • Work continues on clearing Nick's affairs. His mom is such a wonderful woman - she floored us by telling us that we are to have Nick's car, to which she holds the title, saying "you'll have a little bit of Nicky with you always." She is far too worried about others and not herself at this time, so I want to do right by her. Nick's editor asked me to write an official obituary for him yesterday, with two of my colleagues providing some help by rounding up a couple of quotes. Just writing it wrung me out, but it also made me happy to be able to give him at least some sort of send off. And people really want to hold some sort of goodbye for him, so we'll try to make that happen. 
    • My mum is still in hospital. My brother called yesterday to let me know he was not happy with some of her latest care. She is supposed to go home tomorrow, but she is still not happy about going home, and I'm not at all certain it will happen.
    • My son ... oh, Absalom, my son, my son. We may see him soon, we may not. 
    • I was sadly disappointed with DW. Gaiman's story had a few good things in it, but many more badly-knit together things. Whimsy tipped over from being wonderful to being cloying, and I couldn't help but notice that the majority of red-shirts who exited the story were women. It bothered me, probably beyond rationality. And yet Matt was breathtakingly good, so I can't label it an unmitigated failure. I will watch again, to see if there are more things to like.
    • I am really, really liking Defiance, on SyFy. Its creative team has some spillover with BSG, the actors are really fantastic (including Tony Curran of Vincent and the Doctor, who plays a multi-faceted largely-but-not-at-all-completely-bad guy and Jaime Murray (H.G. Wells in Warehouse 13) as his even more fascinating wife), the stories are gripping ... even Jacob, my favorite TWoP recapper, loves it. Which probably means it'll die soon. Sigh.
    • I have too much to do, and people aren't calling me back. Why aren't they calling me back? I am disappoint.
    • Ah well. Back to work. What I really want to do is curl up in a little ball and get through the next day or so.

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