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I Aten't Dead

I've just been a) busy; b) depressed; c) busy; d) -- oh, never mind.

But I wanted to let you all know that I miss you. So many of you have written interesting or challenging posts on fandom or life in general, and I haven't had the spoons to read, digest, or respond. Still, it's good to know folks like you are out there, writing these things. Thank you.

Things that have happened:

  • Andy is fully and completely moved back here. Bob, our friend Jack and he went down to Indiana and retrieved the last of the goods, including Tommy and Lily, the kitties, from Crazytown U.S.A. He's shortly about to return to work with his old company, at a higher rate of pay, so we know his time on our couch is limited, and that his ability to pay us back for what we put into the various retrieval and extraction operations is possible.
  • We turned the keys to Nick's apartment into the management company on Saturday. There were four pieces of furniture still left in the studio that the Sally Ann didn't want and we couldn't move. The management company refused to give us extra time after May 31 to complete the cleanup unless Nick's relatives paid rent, so fuck'em; they can get rid of the furniture. And that, as the lady said at the end of Tenko, is that. I still keep expecting him to not be dead, which, given that I saw his body, is pretty irrational.
  • I get to give a National Labor Relations Board affidavit this coming Friday, vis a vis one of the many unscrupulous things my company has done, in this case to our editorial assistants. That's four hours on Friday, probably, plus two hours on Thursday night with our Guild director as he preps me for it. I've done NLRB affidavits before. It's like court, except more picky.
  • My mother is still in hospital and now it's pretty much official; she's not going to go home, at least not to her own home. She'll be in hospital until a place is found in a nursing home for her. The last two efforts to get her home failed miserably, and the confusion and such is, per my poor overworked brother, apparently more permanent than not. The last few phone calls I have made to her have been extremely painful for both of us. Perhaps I can talk about that at another time, or perhaps I won't be able to. Don't know. Mac wants to bring me back up to N.S. I won't be able to do it until at least August, when I next have some paid time off.
  • I've been dealing with back spasms lately. Gah. I hate back spasms.
  • Haven't been able to write, but today, on Father's Day, I was able to bake, with the help of my delightful son. Peach pie, apple pie, peach pudding, all for the best father in the world. I love you, [personal profile] buckaroobob . Thank you for being the dad to my mom.
  • And that's about the size of of everything. Oh, and I am going to miss Matt and Eleventy like whoah. Probably more on that, later.
  • Also, maybe I'll write about how I really, really like Defiance, which I've probably mentioned before.
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