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There's Nothing So True As This, Right Now

I know I'm going to be dealing with The Twelfth Doctor, (and glad I am that the bookies were right, because Peter Capaldi is excellent, and I just hope he decides to wear the dashing mustache and goatee I've seen in recent pictures of him) in another post, but that can wait.

Right now, this:

Because I know it was bad enough feeling the weight of the world's opprobrium in being a skiffy reader, back as a child. I know it was bad enough feeling alone in the world when I wanted to watch skiffical television and had no one to talk about it with. And I remember how great it was to find fandom in the 1970s.

To be that lonely, to find fandom - and then to discover that there are members of fandom that don't think you're a real fan? Because you're a girl? That's truly horrible.

Now, there have always been would-be judges of All That's Fannish, which includes those who used to sit in judgement of who were real fans; but in my day, I saw less of that aimed at gender and more of it aimed at what type of skiffical or fantastical stories you consumed, and in what fashion. (For the record, if you read skiffy, you were a real fan. If you watched it, you weren't, or were at best suspect. If you liked hard skiffy, you were in, if you liked soft skiffy or - ghu help us - fantasy, you could see yourself to the door. If you called it science fiction or SF, you were of the True Faith. If you called it Sci-Fi, get thee hence) That's why I call what I love skiffy, because I got over all the foolishness of litmus testing and wanted to spit in the eye  of the judges of my subculture. I wanted to call it whatever the hell I wanted to call it (and thanks to the much-missed Jan Finder for giving me the term.)

I suspect I was lucky, though; I suspect that gender-based judging, all the way from fanboy fear of GURLS!!! to outright, miserable misogyny, existed in fandom and I just didn't run into it.

Right now, there are hundreds and probably thousands of girls across the globe who want to get into the tribe, or who feel they're part of the tribe, and who love whatever part of the tribe they love. And they're getting shat upon.

And this is a wonderful way for all of them to spit in the eye of the judges who are trying to hound them out of the tribe.

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