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Hello in Haste

I'm just stopping at the little cafe (whose owners I most sincerely hope have solved their labor problems) to type up a quick post to thank folks for all their kind comments about my gorgeous mother, Mary-Glen Keirstead Routliffe Stirling.

I've visited her once this morning, taking my stepdad Rob up. One of her closest friends came in and visited as well (she is a marvelous woman, who is also very dear to me.) I drove him back home, and we stopped into his family's farm to get some apples and fresh pressed apple cider. He'll be cooking applesauce tonight, yum! And he also showed me the walnut tree his aunt planted for him when he was a little boy. Walnuts are unusual this far north, but he picked three green walnuts for me. They have a very spicy, piney scent. Amazing.

I'm now headed back to the hospital where I think my brother will have made it up to the valley from Halifax. More time with family. I intend to take more pictures, and maybe even some video. That'll please officer friendly, I'm sure. Heh.

I love you all.

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Tags: canada, family, good people, home stuff, hospital, lovely things

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