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Help Me Intarwebz, You're My Only Hope Undoubtedly Probably Apt To Be Possibly Helpful

So here it is, Sunday, and I spent too much of it actually working on a story for work, which I probably won't put on my time card because, hey, target on my back already thenkewverymuch, but, BUT, it ended up quite nicely, for reasons I shall elucidate at the end of this long and tortured sentence, and I have found my way back to Dreamwidth and/or LJ.(Why did it end up nicely? Because BB and I went here, and picked up a number of lovely marmalades and some toffee and liquorice, and had a nice cuppa, and he had a scone with clotted cream and I had a lovely slice of sponge cake, and since they were closing up, they gave us a couple of the last of that day's scones and the last slice of sponge cake to take home. Yes, all in all a quite nice way to get the taste of working out of one's mouth.)

And I have found my way back - yes, I remembered what I was writing about, despite the quite lovely digression into scones and sponge cake - with questions on my mind. And I turn to you, oh Internet friends and acquaintances, because you are all, every last one of you, intelligent and creative and possessed of great ideas and perhaps loads of secret knowledge.

First: I went to Jolly Posh, because it's the last place I knew of in Chicago that sold tins of curried beans, for which I have an inordinate liking. Imagine my horror when the proprietor told us that he'd tried to place an order recently, only to be told that they weren't being made any more. This was a sorrowful discovery indeed. So tell me, friends from across the way; did Heinz really stop making tins of curried beans with those wonderful little currants in them? If so, I shall learn to curry my own beans, but I shall miss opening the little tins. Is there any other company over there that makes curried beans? And will those of you out there who can't stand curried beans stop snickering? I can hear you, you know.

Second: I have a gift card that I still have about $50 or $60 on, and I've finally decided, with BB's urging, to ignore thoughts of spending it on something useful. Or at least, not materially useful. I've decided to spend it on something truly important; something Doctor Who related. But I can't decide what kind of thing I should get. So I'm looking for suggestions. My instinct is (don't hate me) not to go for books, as much as I'd like to track down Virgin Adventures or NAs or any of them; nor to go for copies of the shows themselves because - again, don't hate me, but feel free to judge me - I have what I need thanks to BB and his eyepatch-wearing, parrot-carrying, tricorn hat and gaudy-kerchief wearing-type skills.

Which leaves, of course ... toys and other bagatelles. Action figures. Tee-shirts. Small TARDIS-shaped goodies. Stuffed toys. Green-glowing sonics.

But there are a embarrassment of riches out there. Many of them might be cheap to buy; others might be quite dear. That part of the puzzle I'll figure out once I figure out, well, what really calls to me, but I need some help narrowing it down.

So: A Poll!

As always, give reasons for your answers, and suggestions beyond the buttons.

And thanks for putting up with me tonight. I feel rather as daft as the poll.

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