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So. The Seventh

After developing rather a large love for the Seventh Doctor through loads of really good fanfic and nothing else, BB and I finally sat down tonight to start watching his adventures. First up: Time and The Rani.

Well. That was dismal.

Not the Doctor - it was just his first adventure and he came in on a truly execrable plot, written horribly, directed badly .... and oh, dear lord, the music. I've got to say, anyone making snide remarks about Murray Gold really needs to listen to whoever wrote the incidental music for this one.

Nor was it Bonnie Langford. She seemed far less annoying than I've been led to believe. But my goodness, the woman who played the Rani. Great costume, mind you. But ...maybe she was ambushed by the writing and directing. Yes, let's leave it at that.

"Paradise Towers," on the other hand, was cheesy and camp - but deliberately so. I liked it a hell of a lot better than Seven's first adventure.

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Tags: comedy, dr. who, wtf?
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