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 I'm Grumpy and I Don't Need to Be

For no particular reason, I find myself grumpy and slightly anxious - so, to cheer myself up, I bring you the full Family Pond, since all of the boys and girls have been here for a week or more now.

They followed me around the house for a while, staying on my bedside table, or next to me at my desk, but have now landed on the living room mantel above the fireplace. With, as it happens, my die-cast TARDIS, which my wonderful son ordered for my birthday, and which I should photograph soon, because TARDIS!

The TARDIS and the Ponds have joined Action Nine and Action Donna there, but may well be brought back to the office when I need cheering up. But without further ado: 

 photo f1464ee9-aa65-49df-93f6-17769618cc5a_zps8f393560.jpg

This picture shows them against the cheerfully amateur version of Van Gogh's church
that I found in a Salvation Army thrift shop last year ; I arranged them there to take a picture to accompany me on my coffee shop date with the estimable [personal profile] marence  and her husband.

That, by the way,  took place more than a week ago, and I am ashamed of myself for not having told everyone how remarkably pleasant a meeting it was. 
[personal profile] marence  and her husband were in Chicago for a leisurely weekend, and took time out of their schedule to meet me. It was very much worth it; she's fun, funny, opinionated, has a great, husky laugh, and was every bit as enjoyable in 3D life as she is in 2D. We enjoyed some decent coffee in Chicago's loop, applauded participants in a demonstration against war in Syria, chatted music and science fiction and politics and in general had too little time. 

Hmm. Just by typing this up, I feel a great deal less grumpy. That's good!

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