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Dept. of Birthdays! Yes, Birthdays!

A Fistful of Natal Festivities

It's Friday, it's been a long day, and I plan to spend the evening with olive-enhanced drinks, "Haven" and maybe some anime or Seven ... but there are some lovely people out there who have had, or who are having, birthdays. I want to wish them current or belated well wishes, because they are all people I enjoy reading, engaging with and knowing on these hear Intarwebz.

[personal profile] brithistorian (Oct. 15), is someone whose posts I always look forward to, even if I'm a very poor correspondent and responder. He's thoughtful, patient, imaginative, full of love for his family, hard-working, possessed of a wry observational wit about the world, and most excellent in general. May your 41st year be full of successes in every single aspect of your life!

[personal profile] owlboy (Oct. 18) Hey! That's today, at least in my timezone! Happy birthday, sir! You're passionate, weird, pretty obviously super intelligent, impatient with injustice, possessed of excellent taste in fuzzy animals (dat OTTER! fslkdjfsl) and birds (my BB used to work in a pet shop and used to tell me about how cool birds can be), y'all love meta and Moffat, and music and probably a lot of other things having to do with M. Maybe other letters of the alphabet, too. Even when we don't agree, usually because I'm an old, politically tired libmoderate, I rather think you're kind of awesome. I want this year to be fantastic for you. May difficulties smooth out, may good and true things proliferate unexpectedly and constantly. Also, more Janelle Monae, eh?

galacticvoyeur (Oct. 18) Hey! Another birthday I got on the nose! Happy birthday to someone whose skiffy, rocknroll, justice and awesome credentials are complete and up to date. I hope life goes well for you this year, with interesting trips, personal happiness, and much, much more. And no fizzy drinks. Heh.

And finally, to [personal profile] aibhinn (Oct. 18) who is one of the very lovely people in DW fandom whose writing, comments and friendliness first introduced me to the broad and wonderful world of DW and DW fanfic. I'm pleased to have made your Internet acquaintance, and I wish you the best in the coming 365 days.

(Goodness; is it possible that I've wished three people in a row Happy Birthday on their actual birthday? The stars have aligned ....)

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