kaffyr (kaffyr) wrote,

Dept. of Ever So Quickly

In Toronto, Halifax Bound

Let's see; damned near missed the plane because I misfigured the timing of getting from north side Chicago to Midway Airport. Porter Airlines once again went above and beyond ... they walked me to the plane 10 minutes before it took off and made sure my bag got on; this was on an international flight, mind you, where you're supposed to be there 90 minutes ahead. Fly with them if you have to go anywhere in the Toronto-Chicago-East Coast route.

It's been weird, needless to say. I'll try to catch up later, but I want to thank all of you who sent your thoughts, words, prayers, vibes, hugs and strength. They all mean so much to me that even I, wordy as I am, can't tell you how much I appreciate, thank, and love all of you.

Realized that Mum and Lou Reed died on the same day. That is, considering their ... disparate ... lifestyles, almost eye-crossingly amusing. Because these days I'm amused by horrible things, I guess.

Once again; thank you, and I love you all.

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Tags: canada, family, life in the circus, passages

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