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Things in no particular order:

I got a call from my brother last night, and what I had wondered might happen has happened. After three days when he couldn't sleep, and couldn't get rid of a pounding headache, and found himself driving somewhere, unable to immediately figure out why the hell he was driving there, he went to his doctor, who immediately put him on medical leave. His blood pressure was sky-high, he needs to start eating better, etc. He seemed, over the phone, to be both a little shocked about this (first time ever) and relieved. After the last two and a half years - moving Mum and my step-dad from her house to an apartment, getting her affairs in order, then dealing with Mum's last illnesses - he's been running on overdrive for so long he doesn't know how to slow down. His body has rebelled. So cross your fingers for him; I know I'm worried, but grateful that his doctor read him the riot act.
Got back to word of four major contract negotiation sessions scheduled for next week. Again, keep your fingers crossed.

Enjoyed Agents of SHIELD again last night; not quite as good as last week's, but set some intriguing plot points up. Ward became more human, and Ming Na and Clark Gregg rocked it.

I donated to Philippine Typhoon relief and I hope folks who can will do so also. There are a lot of good groups out there: the International Red Cross, Mercy Corps, Doctors Without Borders, to name just a few. Does anyone know if there are Dreamwidth or LJ fundraising efforts extant?

And finally, I'd meant to mention this a couple of weeks back. It's word of a film by Saudi filmmaker Haifaa Al-Mansour, one I'd love to see. The difficulties she dealt with to make the film are pointed reminders of every damned thing wrong with considering women a different species - and the film appears to be a joyous reminder that the different species insists on being human. Imagine that.
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