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Dept. of Gah

 Work Interferes With Life

Because what I want to do right now is flail and squee and talk about the minisode, but what I have to do is, you know, my job. Of writing non-fic stories about the community I cover. Which is immeasurably harder and more boring. 

This is not fair. I Am Entitled. 


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Nov. 14th, 2013 07:07 pm (UTC)
It's a fair thing to be entitled over. I'm glad I'm off today because I would've been absolutely useless at work due to flailing.

Though... I've got errands to run and I've been pretty useless at those as well.

*sends thoughts of productivity your way*
Nov. 14th, 2013 07:41 pm (UTC)
Heh; I actually got a story written, and am about one third of the way through another, and hope to get my story budget up for my editor, held a brief phone meeting with him, and I guess I'm not quite as unproductive as I thought I was.

Or quite as unproductive as I'd really really like to be. Hurrah for your being off today - more time to have thinky thoughts about 6-plus minutes of pretty damned awesome.
Nov. 15th, 2013 03:14 am (UTC)

Just use the mini-sode as a treat...again...and again...and again...and -

Nov. 15th, 2013 03:31 am (UTC)
Why, however did you know? Heh.
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