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Dept. of The World Is Bigger Than We Are


We spent the first half of Sunday checking the National Weather and Weather Underground sites, weirded out by having a tornado watch for downtown Chicago. That just doesn't happen.

And then all of a sudden, it was a tornado warning and it got very, very dark outside, and they halted the Bears game and evacuated people from Soldier Field, and I watched on Twitter as the tornado tore into Pekin, Illinois, then flattened next-door Washington, Illinois, and realized that I was frightened about a tornado for the first time after decades of living at the back door of Tornado Alley, and sent out a mass email to my condo association members, reminding them that the storage basement was a safe place and to stay away from windows, and thought about how fast I could get the cats into the carriers we had close by, and realized there was nothing, absolutely nothing, that I could do to outrun wind if chance chose to have it bear down on me ....

In the end, we were extremely safe, although some torrential rain and hail fell for a short time, and the wind shoved it sideways into one of our basements, just enough to ruin some boxes of Andy's. But people are dead in downstate Illinois, and the tornadoes bounced across the Midwest and the south, and even New York City - New York City, for chrissake - had a tornado watch.

How are the rest of my friends in the Midwest?

Good thing that global warming is just a liberal hoax, she said bitterly, days after donating to help the Philippines,and considering weather-related disasters both acute and chronic across the globe. ljgeoff, you're right, you know. I just don't have the courage to plan the way you do.

I'm going to send a few dollars the Red Cross's way to help wherever they need it. I hope you all can do the same.

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