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Dept. of Merry Light Against the Dark


Merry Christmas to all of you who celebrate within a traditional faith.
Merry Christmas to all of you who celebrate with faith that isn't traditional.
Happy Holidays to all of you who love the lights and the songs and the in-gathering of loved ones.

The lights, the music, the determination to fight against the dark, the faith in something that loves humanity, (whether God or ourselves as we let the better angels of our nature lead us to grace) ... they are all precious in this universe.

I'm not a traditional believer these days, although I grew up in the Christian tradition. But in this season, I gladly reclaim some of that faith. I am glad to rejoice.

One of the ways in which I celebrate each year is by watching "It's A Wonderful Life," which everyone in our family unironically and deeply loves. The reasons are hard to unpack, but they have as much to do with grace as anything, I suppose.

Some years ago, I wrote something about a then-current essay that seemed, until one looked closely, to inveigh against the film (and there have certainly been many people who do.) My meditation included three small stories of what I thought might have happened after Mr. Capra's story ended. If you're interested, here's a link to what I wrote back then.

So, let's embrace life, and celebrate it by giving of ourselves to those we cherish, in whatever way we do. Let's eat goose, exchange presents, wear paper hats, embrace our children and friends, get maudlin, and search the skies for a star (or for all the stars.)

Merry Christmas, friends - and here, have a Christmas tree!

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