kaffyr (kaffyr) wrote,

Dept. of Goodbye, Eleventy

The Time of the Doctor

Saw it.
Liked it.
May soon love it.
Cried more.
The term "lace-maker" is starting to append itself to my interior description of The Moff, of which more, anon.
This one is, therefore, a lace-maker's delight, a thing of beauty and worth, and something through which wind can blow for good or ill.

And that's about what I can say for now, at least partly because I'm back to work. (In my home office wearing THE TARDIS BATHROBE MY SON GOT ME FOR CHRISTMAS w00t!!!1! ... yeah, but working)

No, wait. There's one other thing I can say ... Matt. Smith. Rules. And so does the Eleventh/Thirteenth Doctor. Peter Capaldi will be fantastic, brilliant, scrumptious, to use all the words his predecessors used. But give me a while to mourn the man who crept up and became My Doctor.

Also? Cried.

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Tags: dr. who, fandom, lovely things, meanderings, passages
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