kaffyr (kaffyr) wrote,

Dept. of AAAAAAAAAAAAaaaaaaa

Note To Self:

Do Not Go To [community profile] fandomsecrets  and read anything about

a) Moffat
 photo rgt7R_zpsfdf34c12.gif

b) Irene Adler
 photo tumblr_m1gil8qAPu1rpikgvo9_400_zps4e8662b1.gif

c) River Song
 photo excuse-me-what-is-this-fuckery_zpsb909874b.gif

For you will want to strangle people.
 photo tumblr_m3r4murv5J1qf5do9o1_400_zps7ce9c765.gif

Yes you will.

Note: if you're not fond of recent Who or aspects of BBC's Sherlock? I'd advise against going under the cut. (And in case this post eats itself, like it did this morning when I tried to clarify that I was talking about [community profile] fandomsecrets  over on Dreamwidth, well that's what I'm talking about

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Tags: evil shit, fandom, wtf?
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