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Five Things Make a Post

A little to my surprise, I really enjoyed the three-episode season of "Sherlock." For my tastes it boasted the best, most tightly-written trio of episodes of the nine broadcast thus far. Although some might not like what happened with Sherlock, I did. The writers returned him to the status of an actual human being, rather than an unpleasant collection of tics I was supposed to be impressed by - without taking away the truly unusual characteristics that make him a fascinating character. It introduced Mary, who I thought was flat out wonderful. I know some on my f'list aren't fond of her, but I truly liked the dynamic between her, Holmes, and Watson. BB and I agreed that the final episode was, in our opinion, the best episode of the show to date. Bottom line - it's still not a show that I am completely enthusiastic about, and it isn't Holmes in a way that I recognize as Holmes (no, I'm not the ACD purist BB is, but envisioning Holmes as a so-called high functioning sociopath, while dramatically interesting, is perhaps not what I would have done.) Still, it's good quality entertainment. And I like the women in the show a lot, thanks muchly.

2. One of the nasty things that seems to accompany my particular version of scleroderma is a propensity for more bruising and longer healing when it comes to cuts and abrasions. I seem to get cuts in my mouth all the time now, and the length of time it takes them to heal is painful and annoying. Got one on my tongue a couple of days ago, and, as has become the usual case, I can't eat solid foods today because it hurts too much, and I talk as if the right side of mouth is stuffed with cotton. These things usually take about 4-5 days to heal, so at least 20-24 more hours of pain. Grumble.
3. I've gotten moving again on Hearts & Moons, greatly to my own surprise. Go, me!.

4. The knowledge that a significant portion of the public is unconcerned with NSA and private corporate intrusion and surveillance into their lives is depressing. So is the knowledge that my company has just ended its lease with the building it rents space in, apparently because it's looking for cheaper space. What these things have in common, I have no idea.

5. I wish Defiance, S2, was airing now. Instead I have to wait until June. Grumble redux.

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