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Two by Two by Birthdays

Two people out there that I like a great deal have birthdays today, and I wanted to make sure they know I'm glad they're around.

First: Happy Birthday, to [personal profile] marence , a rock'n'rollin' coffee aficionado who I had the great pleasure of meeting, and who I hope to see in Chicago again someday. May your life be as free as possible from pain, and as full of wonder as you want it to be.

Second: Happy, Happy Birthday, to one of my earliest online friends, lyricalviolet. I can't believe it's been almost 8 years since we "met" over on TWoP, bonding over Doctor Who and Battlestar Galactica - but I checked, and it is. What a delightful journey it's been, too. Back then, I realized that a feisty, talented red-haired theater grad was also kind, clever, hard-working, imaginative, determined to make her way in the world, and very funny. In short, she was, and you are, a delight. The years have turned; you're in another city now, and you're facing yet more challenges; I know you will win through, despite anything that might be thrown at you. You're in my heart - so have a grand day!

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