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Happy, happy, happy

And She Never Came Back...
...because she turned on her BRAND NEW LAPTOP and fell into the well of teh Intarwebs forever and ever.

Well, probably not, but I am barely containing my glee and geeky happiness, in the wake of the purchase. Yes, SuperLuddite Lass has looked longingly at laptops (try that three times fast) for at least a couple of years, with absolutely no hope of obtaining one. Now, thanks to my Mom - Hi Mom! - I've been able to do so. It's got a gig of hard drive space, upgradeable to 3 gigs, plus 120 gigs of memory....and there my technobabble abilities fade into nothingness. Now BB is at home setting it up for me. Yet another reason why I love him, and why he is better than cookies, toy trucks or candy.

All hail Bob, Pixel Master!
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