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 You Gotta Have Heart

Quickly, before I fall exhausted into bed - many thanks to all of you out there who offered prayers, wishes and good vibes to my brother and me in the aftermath of his heart attack. I called him this morning and found out that he a) now has a stent in his heart and b) that that's because the doctors found four blockages. 

On Wednesday, they plan to recheck the blockages to find out what percentage of his heart is actually affected. That's when the decisions about bypass or no need thereof will come into play. 

Mac sounded stronger over the phone. I hope and pray that the next time I speak to him, he'll be irritable and bored. That's going to tell me he's truly on the mend. 

Again, my thanks; you guys are all fairly wonderful, you know that?

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Tags: family, hospital, life in the circus, medical

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