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My late friend Nick's mom, who has become in a very odd way, a little like the only mother I have left, and with whom I had fallen into the habit of calling, as he once did, every week or so, suddenly wasn't answering my phone calls. I started to get very worried, especially as this is almost a year to the day when we lost him.

Happily, a few days ago, I called her place and happened to get one of her neighbors who was there presumably feeding her cats. She told me that Dee wasn't dead, she was in hospital, and not because of anything awful; because she was having her hip replaced. Not only that, but Dee would be home sometime this week.

Sure enough, I got a call from her tonight, and we had a perfectly lovely talk. I was so glad to hear her voice! And she told me that the company finally - finally - sent her Nick's final pay and holiday pay, and will probably free up his 401K and send it to her. As it should have done immediately, but didn't because HR, with the laudable exception o the wonderful woman who is now gone to another company, is full of narrow-headed weasel-bait.

Other good news; I made a very acceptable beef balti for supper tonight, with only a couple of substitutions needed (powdered ginger for fresh, sadly, and I went with burger/minced beef because I have a little steak, but I have Plans For That, so burger it was, and it suited quite well, thank you.)

Ah, yes, meat. I've been increasing the amount of meat in our diet ever since BB was diagnosed with a significant B12 deficiency a few months ago, and his doctor told him to Eat Meat Now. This is a little sad, since we'd recently commented on how we weren't heart broken about how little meat we've been eating over the past couple of years, but if he needs meat, he is going to get as much as I can shovel into him.

(We're still not going to be eating pork unless we know exactly where it comes from (except for our occasional Hecky's order. Hush, it's Hecky's), because large factory farms for pork are particularly horrendous ways to treat the animals that nourish us, as well as being horrible ways to treat the water table and surrounding environment. OK. TMI, I know.)

Much of the necessary head work for Chapter 23 is now done.

I haven't been fired. I saw two more robins today. I have cats to pat. My husband loves me, and I love him. And it's spring, now and finally.

Hmm. This was a rather scattered post, wasn't it?

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