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Dept. of Because It's Spring

One Of My Neighbors

A while ago, I mentioned having seen a robin that cheered my day up when I saw her (or him) dashing along, as robins are wont to do. I also recall having some unfortunate piece of Real Life (tm) dim my day again, and I never got the chance to show you the cheeky little creature. Who really seemed as if it were saying "What!!! I'm busy here!!" as I took a quick shot of it.

Well, here she, or he, is. She, or he, still lifts my spirits.

Forgive the over embellishment. I rather overdid it with the vignette button. And perhaps on the green, as well ....

 photo 5ebd5daa-843a-4792-86f1-369366bef957_zpsb4522067.jpg
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Tags: life in the circus, lovely things, silly
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