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I guess I only write on the weekends, eh?

Last night was the final night I got to hang out on the Television Without Pity forums, since NBC finally took them offline as of midnight, New York time. It was surprisingly emotional, and I'm sure BB side-eyed me a lot, although he kept insisting he didn't. I was able to download the most important subforum - the one I'd stayed on the most, the Doctor Who General Gabbery forum, of course - thanks to a helpful person on one of the threads. I've promised a couple of people that I'll figure out a way to bundle it up in a zipfile and send it to them.

I'm glad I was able to do that. Knowing that some of the most interesting conversations I've had over the past eight years, and the history of meeting some people who became friendly acquaintances and friends over that same time, didn't just disappear into the ether is good. I know there were hundreds of other people doing that as well. It's amazing how large a community TWoP developed in the years it was around, and how much losing the forums affected them. NBC, man; you took down an amazing thing. You own the infrastructure and you can certainly do it, no question - but ... well, where was my head, thinking a corporation would do something for nothing?

Good things ... FB and Emily found an apartment, and have put their application in for it, which theoretically means that we will have Lily and Tommy only for another month, and we'll finally have the last of his things out of our place. And he'll be living with someone who we like.

Today was the first really warm day of the year, and I made the mistake of not putting the AC on in the car as I was out doing chores. I enjoyed the fresh air, and thought that the breeze was keeping me cool, but got home to find myself completely drained, with that kind of prickly, slightly uncomfortable sleepiness that the heat sometimes inflicts on me. Ah, well. Thank heaven for AC at home.

Anything else? Not looking forward to the week; we're getting a new kitchen faucet put in tomorrow, the one we went to buy yesterday. We need it; the old faucet fell apart, and we're really fond of being able to use our kitchen sink, so replacing it is necessary - but the cost of decent faucets, and the fact we'll have to have a plumber come in tomorrow; it wiped out the last of my little bit of extra dough. Still, me complaining about that is pretty First World, so that's the last you'll hear of it.

That's about it. Wow, what a spectacularly uninteresting post.

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