kaffyr (kaffyr) wrote,

The world's a funny old place...

Things I Learned Today
  1. Do not, as an accidental animist, expect to say goodbye to your 1993 Mercury Tracer without feeling as if you have just told a beloved pet it was going to go to a nice farmer in the country.
  2. Do not (make a note of this, now) pick up a AA battery, put it in your front jeans pocket with a car key, then sit down at your desk and expect nothing bad to happen. What actually will occur - ah, the wonder of battery-to-metal chemistry, a thing of which you have not, heretofore, been aware - is that you will shortly realize that the tender skin of your upper leg, just where it disappears into your torso, is burning. You will then jump up from your desk in a most undignified manner, whilst fishing about in said pocket, burning your fingers and cursing, then throwing both battery and car key onto your desk. Your leg will hurt ever so slightly for the rest of the afternoon, and your colleagues will laugh at you.
  3. Do not attempt to figure out why your faux-pod (hereinafter known as Portable Disk Drive K) persists in telling the PC from which you wish to import music that it is write-protected, at least not without the wisdom of BB beside you. When BB is bed-ridden and recuperating from emergency tooth extraction surgery, be patient, and wait for the morrow.
  4. Do not - do not - forge ahead with your reckless, unknowing voyage into computer country, and think that you can get rid of Portable Disk Drive K  - no matter how convinced you are that this is a perfectly reasonable method of solving your problem - without potentially dire consequences. Previous admonishments involving the presence of BB still obtain.
Tags: computers, life in the circus, stupidity
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