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You Should Read This. In Bright Light.

I'm not normally a reader of horror, or not a voluntary reader in that genre. But I am a voluntary reader - an enthusiastic reader - of anything that comes from Catherine MacLeod's pen. I met her through her Who fic and was amazed by her knowledge of the small things that make up the human heart, her ability to capture the immediacy of the world, and of its hurt, unexpected darkness, and stubborn, beautiful hope.

She carries that through to her non-fic fiction writing, and I'm consistently impressed by the way she can weave love into all that expected and unexpected darkness. I think you'll be impressed too, so I think y'all should check out her story, "The Attic," in the new anthology Fearful Symmetries (ChiZine Publications, Ellen Datlow, editor; www.chizinepub.com)

There are some other marvelous short stories in this anthology I've read five or six of them and haven't been disappointed once (if you're a Garth Nix fan, you'll immediately understand when I say that you shouldn't read "Shay Corsham Worsted" unless you're sitting by the exit). Datlow has put together an anthology that examines love, and duty, and family, and betrayal, again and again, in all the multifarious ways those can be examined.

Go, find it! Buy it! Read it!

But keep the light on.

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